Alvarion BreezeNET B

    Alvarion BreezeNET B


    BreezeNET B is suitable for a variety of market applications

    •  Wireless broadband access ? ADSL alternative for connecting to remote buildings

    •  Backhaul services for WISPs ? leased line replacement

    •  Private networks connectivity

    •  Disaster recovery

    •  Video surveillance

    •  IP telephony

    •  Video conferencing, e-Education, e-Health

    •  SCADA and Intelligent Traffic Networks (ITN)
    BreezeNET B Highlights

    •  High capacity, point-to-point, robust, outdoor wireless solution

    •  Flexible rate options: B10, B14, B28 and B100 reaching up to 108 Mbps

    •  Long reach: up to 50 km

    •  Superior OFDM radio technology

    •  Robust performance in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments

    •  Simple deployment with adaptive modulation and automatic transmit power control (ATPC), management and maintenance

    •  Quality of Service for data, voice and video (wireless link prioritization)

    •  Secure AES, WEP and FIPS


    BreezeNET B

    BreezeNET B: Point-to-Point Bridging Solutions:

    BreezeNET B is a product family of wireless point-to-point bridging solutions for license-exempt frequency bands. Providing an efficient and secure solution for multiple advanced applications including broadband access, building-to-building connectivity and backhaul services between two remote locations. BreezeNET B is also a powerful and cost-effective wireless link for backhauling point-to-multipoint networks to their Internet points-of-presence, eliminating the necessity for expensive leased lines over wireline infrastructures. BreezeNET B offers a comprehensive range of options and is available in several configurations, ensuring an optimal cost/performance solution for every deployment.


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