• AirPair

  • Need a flexible bandwidth radio platform than can scale rapidly to meet the growing demands on your backhaul network? AirPair meets the critical needs demanded by carrier class customers delivering a wireless GigE/100bT connection of up to 500 Mbps full duplex over licensed or unlicensed frequency allocation in an indoor or all-outdoor environment...
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  • Horizon DUO

  • Horizon Duo delivers industry-leading capacity of an astounding 1.6 Gbps per link that rivals the capacity of fiber-based solutions ? taking wireless to new heights...
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  • AirPair Unite

  • Evolving legacy networks to WiMax or LTE? Simplify the transition. Easily migrate to native IP networks and still support legacy TDM services with DragonWave?s AirPair Unite product line...
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  • Horizon Compact

  • The road to wireless Ethernet is faster than you think. DragonWave?s Horizon Compact offers service providers a resilient, high performance backhaul network solution...
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