• 3.65 GHz RedMAX

  • Since its approval in 2007, the 3.65GHz RedMAX solutions have been deployed by operators throughout the United States to bring true WiMAX services to business and consumers that demand the highest quality and most reliable broadband connections...
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  • RedCONNEX AN 50e

  • Redline's award-winning RedCONNEX? AN-50e is the world's first high-performance, low-cost multi-service backhaul and specialized access solution for carriers and service providers looking to cost-effectively expand their networks and profitably deliver high quality access to customers...
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  • RedCONNEX AN 80i

  • The AN-80i is the latest addition to Redline's RedCONNEX? family of high-performance wireless broadband transport solutions...
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  • RedCONNEX MAX AN 80i

  • The RedCONNEX? MAX+ AN-80i is a carrier-class licensed Ethernet product designed to provide long range point-to-point links in the 3...
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  • RedMAX 4C

  • The RedMAX 4C Mobile WiMAX platform will enable operators to maximize the reach and achieve the customer density required for a profitable carrier business model...
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  • RedMAX AN 100UX

  • The RedMAX Macro Base Station (AN-100UX + HTB) is an industry leading high powered broadband wireless solution capable of extending both capacity and range in the delivery of high bandwidth voice, video and data transfer services and applications...
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  • RedMAX RMS Management Suite

  • The award-winning Redline Management Suite (RMS) is a sophisticated element management solution that gives broadband network operators the ability to easily deploy, control, monitor and upgrade their Redline components network-wide through an intuitive, user-friendly GUI...
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  • RedMAX SU I Subscriber Unit

  • Redline?s RedMAX? Indoor Subscriber Unit (SU-I) is designed to deliver reliable, cost-effective, high-bandwidth broadband wireless connectivity...
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  • RedMAX SU O Subscriber Unit

  • The RedMAX? Subscriber Unit-Outdoor (SU-O) is Redline's high performance, WiMAX Forum Certified? outdoor broadband wireless product designed to WiMAX Forum standards...
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  • RedMAX AN 100U Base Station

  • Redline's RedMAX AN-100U is the world's first WiMAX Forum Certified? base station. Easy and cost-effective to deploy, the RedMAX AN-100U facilitates the rapid provision of new fixed and nomadic wireless broadband services by service providers , while its very low latency ensures reliable delivery of time-sensitive services, including circuit-switched voice traffic, voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), video and prioritized data traffic...
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