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  • CBS5000 Base Station

  • At the hub of your WiMAX network resides the symmetry CBS5000 base station -- a powerful, cost-effective, 3-sector WiMAX base station that supports thousands of voice, Internet and multimedia service connections in a compact footprint...
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  • Quality of Service (QoS)

  • As the WiMAX initiative continues to gain traction around the world, carriers are looking to leverage this cost-effective and efficient technology to deliver a broad range of revenue-generating subscriber services...
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  • Space Time Coding

  • The WiMAX initiative is providing carriers the opportunity to quickly deliver a new range of voice, Internet and multimedia services to subscribers via an efficient, cost-effective wireless network...
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  • SSI5200 Indoor Subscriber Station

  • At the subscriber end of your WiMAX network resides the symmetry SSI5200 - a powerful, self-install indoor WiMAX CPE that provides fixed or nomadic access to voice, Internet and advanced multimedia service connections in an elegant, compact design...
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  • SSU5200 CPE

  • The symmetry SSU5200 is an outdoor WiMAX subscriber station (SS) that supports a variety of applications for small and medium enterprises, multi-dwelling and multi-tenant units (MDU/MTU), and residential users...
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  • symmetry MX

  • For carriers looking to immediately deploy the full spectrum of WiMAX capabilities, symmetryMX airlink combines OFDM modulation techniques with key advanced WiMAX features to deliver toll-quality voice and broadband data at price points suitable for enterprise, commercial and residential business models...
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  • symmetryMXe

  • Offering the industry's best range over the largest suite of applications, symmetryMXe is the most complete mobile WiMAX solution offering superior performance and features across all WiMAX core elements - PHY, MAC, and NMS...
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  • symmetryONE

  • An ideal bridge solution for carriers who want to immediately exploit today's advanced wireless services while establishing the foundation for an easy upgrade to WiMAX capabilities down the road...
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