Along with traditional factors such as link budgets and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), deployment considerations for Wimax systems should include the cost saving opportunities offered by the 802.16e standard. For example the standard allows for the use of low - cost chipset and enables flexible bandwidth scalability.  
Determining coverage boundries ; To take full advantage of Wimax scalability, system operators need to use the right software tools to predetermine coverage boundaries .These tools perform propagation simulation and drive tests. Careful deployment planning is critical in order to have room to scale anticipating customer demands while ensuring a quality user experience .This planning is especially important in urban areas where deployments are mostly likely to be driven by capacity requirements.

Quantum Networks, LLC offers telecommunications services that can be tailored to your needs and requirements so as to provide a cost effective services support program. Our customer support services and call center is designed to support your existing network infrastructure as well as any requirements you may have for engineering and designing new network installations.

Quantum Networks, LLC services will provide services and labor to meet the requirements of a site and radio installation on a turn Key basis by providing the following.

  • Site surveys and preliminary site acquisition collection of data.
  • Path feasibility and calculation studies using Path Loss 4.0 & GPS data.
  • Installation and configuration of microwave radio equipment for both Licensed and unlicensed (ISM) band.
  • Provide the test equipment to support most common testing and configuration.
  • Provide as built drawings where applicable and a documented test results package for future service maintenance and support.
  • Tower, mast or pole installation.
  • Optimization of signal per path calculations.
  • Trenching and digging where required for fiber optic cable and their ancillary cabling.
  • Grounding per standard commercial practices for electrical and lightening surges as may be dictated by Federal and State requirements and local codes.

Quantum Networks, LLC is offering technical services support for call-out repairs and support for equipment failures of the network based of the suggested requirements of our client base and is fee negotiable.

  • We can provide a negotiated call out support with a specified response time based on the needs of the clients network requirements.
  • We can set up a repair and return center function to streamline repairs internally for our clients on a small monthly fee to aid in the tracking, turn-around, and fiscal control of such property to insure equipment is replaced, installed, and functional.
  • All Vendor R&R processes are subject to individual vendor surcharges for repairs.
  • ComSol Engineering offers inventory control services to allow effective cost control of client / Network property.
  • ComSol also offers services to train client / customer personnel on selected telecommunications equipment.

Services Programs

Quantum Networks, LLC is a value added services provider. We provide an array of customer and OEM partner value added services that are designed to make your communication needs simpler. We provide technical support, repair and refurbishment, as well as site and tower services which are designed to keep your network updated and reliable.

Service calls:

All customer service calls for technical support, depending upon, access, remoteness of sites and weather at the time will be scheduled so that every effort will be made to reduce travel costs. Comsol will coordinate with the customers appointed services manager concerning priorities and emergency service calls.

Equipment Deployment Services:

We are positioned to offer full turn keys services and support such as, site power, equipment servicing /maintenance as well as new equipment installation and turn up. All new equipment services will be accompanied with documentation, training (if required) and warranty support for 1 year. ComSol is positioned to respond to provide a customized service program because we have partnered with a team of professional communication experts that allows ComSol to utilize our own special kind of project management and coordination expertise. With certified Field contract engineers and sub-contracted OSHA qualified tower personnel we can provide a wide range of services.

Installation and Microwave Deployment:

We have qualified technicians that have the ability to provide multi-product integration with various vendors including Harris, and Stratex networks which allows us to meet various customer system specifications, which includes both licensed and unlicensed radio equipment support for said equipment, as well as customer training and support for backhaul, last mile provisioning requirements and full customer facility support.

Customer Support Structure:

In addition to the full suite of EF&I, deployment and configuration services as detailed above, ComSol is positioned to provide in house and OEM support for our customers 2G migration when such Network requirements dictate. We have access to experienced professionals with a background in Network operations and maintenance.

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