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Tranzeo offers a cost-effective turn-key WiMAX solution

Posted on 11 August 2009 by Quantum Wimax

Tranzeo offers a cost-effective turn-key WiMAX solution that is FCC certified for operation at 3.65GHz in the U.S. Tranzeo also offers a family of 5.8GHz WiMAX products for the licensed exempt 5.8GHz spectrum band.


The 3.65GHz and 5.8GHz WiMAX pico base stations are ideal for rural broadband applications. We offer starter kits that include a pico base stations, sector antenna 2 CPE’s and network management software.

To apply, or for more information on obtaining a 3.65GHz license please see FCC website.

For information on these WiMAX products go to

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Alvarion’s BreezeACCESS VL SU-Video

Posted on 09 August 2009 by Quantum Wimax


Alvarion’s BreezeACCESS VL SU-Video is a highly effective video surveillance service in the 5 GHz spectrum. It is the ideal solution for video service applications including government installations, homeland security, educational institutions, transportantion centers and personal security services.

The BreezeACCESS VL SU-Video features include quality of service (QoS) for video and voice applications, versatility and secure connectiviety. It has a coverage range of up to 30 km with the capacity of up to 33 Mbps per sector.

The two main units of the BreezeACCESS VL SU-Video solution are the Access Unit (AU) and the Subscriber Unit (SU). The AU supports two optional configurations, including the stand-alone micro base station and the modular shelf base station whcih both include indoor and outdoor units. The SU enables single or multiple video cameras to connect to the base station.

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Alvarion’s AlvariSTAR NMS

Posted on 09 August 2009 by Quantum Wimax

alvaristar_lgAlvarion’s AlvariSTAR is a cost-effective network management system (NMS) for Alvarion’s broadband wireless access (BWA) networks.

AlvariSTAR features allow service provider and carrier network operation centers (NOCs) to effectively monitor their networks. These features include fault management, configuration management, service management, comprehensive network visualization, performance monitoring and security management.

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Alvarion’s WALKair 3000

Posted on 09 August 2009 by Quantum Wimax

wa3000_lgAlvarion’s WALKair 3000 is a single platform wireless solution for fixed access applications and 2G and 3G backhaul feeding.

It is a cost-effective solution for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and Multi-Tenant/Multi-Dwelling Units that operates in the 10.5, 26 and 28GHz bands and combines communication and information technologies such as ATM, Ethernet, IP, Leased Line and TDM Voice.

The WALKair’s mutli-carrier FDD and TDMA system allows for up to four carriers per sector to function with a single outdoor unit/sector. Users can expect full end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS). Symmetrical data rates provide up to 36 Mbps per customer (upstream and downstream) over 3/5 MHz, 7MHz and 14 MHz channels. Other features include dual modulation, highest spectral efficiency at 2.5 Bit/Sec/Hz and fiber alternative for high capacity and QoS LMDS services.

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Alvarion’s BreezeACCESS 4900

Posted on 06 August 2009 by Quantum Wimax

breezeaccess-4900Alvarion’s BreezeACCESS 4900 is a solution that is integratable with Alvarion’s fixed and mobile solutions.

The solution’s security and reliability make it the perfect option for public safety, medical emergency and government security and surveillance. Its special features include point-to-multipoint access, point-to-point connectivity and point-to-multipoint backhauling.

The BreezeACCESS 4900 is good for any terrain, environment and climate, thus making it well-suited for voice, video and data applications in combining FIPS. Other features include 5 and 10MHz channel options for flexible network planning for interference avoidance and increased network capacity, OFDM technology and automatic transmit power control (ATPC). This product also complies with the FCC high power mask requirements of 4.9 GHz.

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Alvarion’s 4Motion Open WiMAX Solution

Posted on 29 July 2009 by Quantum Wimax


Alvarion’s 4Motion Open WiMAX Solution is an end-to-end mobile WiMAX solution that allows subscribers to access broadband on the go anywhere anytime. The solution can be used for business and personal situations in rural, suburban or urban areas where infrastructure resources are scarce.

The 4Motion features industry-leading core network WiMAX technologies such as the SentieM technologies that improve coverage, capacity and QoS by utilizing advanced antenna technologies, radio resource management, radio network architecture and media technologies.

Components of the 4Motion Solution include the WiMAX radio access network (RAN), the WiMAX Core Networking, the end user equipment and applications. These components work symbiotically to support the solution while providing the best mobile coverage for end-users.

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Alvarion Launches New Comprehensive Network Management Solution

Posted on 22 July 2009 by Quantum Wimax


Today Alvarion announced the launch of the Star Management Suite. The new comprehensive network management solution will give users greater control over their network with a common feature set across the entire family of BreezeMAX solutions.

The Star Management Suite meets performance, scalability and security requirements necessary for large networks.  It enables users to simplify management of innovatiove IP services such as VOIP and IPTV in addition to serving multiple types of network topologies with quick time to market introduction of new customer premise equipment (CPE) and IP based services.

“We are enabling significant operational savings for our customers as they build and scale their WiMAX networks, and add new innovative IP services,” said Avinoam Barak, president of wireless network division of Alvarion. “The Star Management Suite provides a solid foundation for the management platform for service assurance capabilities that are essential to meeting service level agreements our customers are demanding today.”

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Alvarion Adds New Point-to-Point Backhaul Solution to BreezeNET

Posted on 27 May 2009 by Quantum Wimax

alvarion-breezenet-b300Alvarion has unveiled a new product that complements the company’s current BreezeNET B family of point-to-point solutions, called BreezeNET B300. The new offering is a high capacity point-to-point backhaul solution that delivers aggregated net throughput of up to 250 Mbps and designed for license-exempt and public safety frequency bands.

Avinoam Barak, president of the wireless network division of Alvarion said, “BreezeNET B300 is a perfect complement to our existing portfolio of industry leading wireless broadband solutions. Alvarion is delivering this solution to the market to support its partners and customers with the growing demand for broadband connectivity among all market segments.”

Reducing network overhead and improving quality of service (QoS), the BreezeNET B300 solution is ideal for high bandwidth applications and supports these application with advanced interference mitigation techniques and enhanced networking capabilities. The offering can reach more than 60 kilometers (37.2 miles) and includes premium networking features for end-to-end broadband wireless solutions. According to Alvarion, its BreezeNET B product family for license-exempt wireless point-to-point bridging solutions, offers both efficient as well as secure connectivity solutions for a variety of applications (covering the 4.9 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands) and is ideal for enterprise and municipal wireless connectivity applications, leased line replacement, video surveillance, IP telephony, disaster recovery and backhaul services between remote locations.

The BreezeNET B product family features simple deployment with adaptive modulation and automatic transmit power control (ATPC), management and maintenance. The family also features wireless link prioritization for enhanced video transmission and also secure AES, WEP and FIPS, says company.

“The solution was designed to enable a rapid network build-out with a lower upfront investment to increase the ROI, said Barack. As part of Alvarion’s strategy to strengthen its position in carrier and vertical markets, this product enhances our portfolio and allows Alvarion and its partners to provide an end to end wireless solution to the end users.”

More about Avinoam Barak, president of the wireless network division of Alvarion

avinoam-barak-alvarionMr. Avinoam Barak joined Alvarion at the end of 2005 and was appointed President of the Broadband Wireless Access Division in January 2006. In the 5 years prior to joining Alvarion, Mr. Barak served as General Manager of the Networking Business Unit in Radvision. Prior to joining Radvision, he served as a Communication Systems Business Unit Manager at MLM, a division of Israel Aircraft Industries, as well as various senior engineering and project management positions. Mr. Barak earned a B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from the Technion Israel Institute for Technology and an MBA in Information Systems and Finance from Bar Ilan University.

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Packet One Networks Offers New Wimax Modem

Posted on 26 May 2009 by Quantum Wimax

Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (P1) has introduced its DV230 WiMAX modem which integrates WiMAX, WiFi and voice functionalities. The new modem integrates WiFi router functionality to deliver wireless, hassle-free Internet connectivity to multiple users from one device with just one connection, P1 said in a statement today. The product provides the perfect solution to subscribers who typically share one connection with multiple computers. The DV230 is available with 12- and 24-month subscription plans. The product is provided free with two-year warranty for customers subscribing to selected 24-month plans, it added.

“The DV230 WiMAX modem is designed based on customers’ feedback [...] With the modem we want to bring our subscribers closer to the full potential of what WiMAX technology can offer”, said P1 chief executive officer Michael Lai.

More about Michael Lai, CEO, Packet One Networks

michael-lai-packet-oneMichael Lai, Chief Executive Officer of Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“P1”) passionately believes in enriching lives through the power of high-quality, high-performance broadband connectivity. Putting this passion into action has resulted in Michael being one of the most sought after leaders in the country to propel the nation forward with broadband for all. With over 20 years of experience in the Information, Communications and Technologies (ICT) industry, Michael leads one of the world’s leading WiMAX telecommunications companies – P1, with the challenge to develop the startup right from ground zero. Michael has a formidable track record that includes a fair mixture of technical as well as marketing and branding background. Michael’s pioneering efforts in embracing and actively engaging with online communities has earned him many affectionate nicknames from acclaimed observers. Today with Michael at the helm, P1 is at the global forefront of commercial WiMAX deployment. P1 W1MAX is Malaysia’s leading WiMAX telco and is currently the world’s largest deployment of 802.16e 2.3GHz WiMAX network, outside Korea. P1 is also the first Intel-invested WiMAX telco in Southeast Asia. Recently, P1 entered into the portable wireless broadband market with WiGGY – the region’s most advanced USB modem, incorporating MIMO smart antenna technology capable of download speeds of up to 10Mbps (currently the fastest USB modem in Malaysia). Michael’s leadership has transformed P1 from a relatively unknown to a global leader in WiMAX technology in a little over eight months. As it stands, P1 currently posses the largest subscriber base and the largest WiMAX network in Malaysia.


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Taiwan : WiMAX CPE industry shipment growth to accelerate in 2Q 2009

Posted on 26 May 2009 by Quantum Wimax


According to research by the Taipei-based Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC), shipment volumes of Taiwan’s WiMAX CPE industry reached approximately 264,000 units in the first quarter of 2009, roughly maintaining the shipment level of the previous quarter. In the first quarter, 16e products were mainstream in the industry’s shipments, mainly due to their product compatibility and new product tenders in 2009. The industry’s shipment volume is expected to reach 413,000 units in the second quarter, and 485,000 units in the third quarter of 2009.

Even though shipment volumes remained level on quarter, shipment value declined 22.4% sequentially to US$29.5 million. This was mainly due to the fact that many manufacturers reduced prices in order to compete for new cooperation opportunities and tenders which caused ASPs to fall rapidly. The shipment share of 802.16e products exceeded 90% in the first quarter of 2009.

According to Analyst Xiang-Yu Yen, “16d shipment volumes are seeing large-scale declines, mainly due to product compatibility issues and new tenders. As 16e products feature downward compatibility, companies are adopting 16e products for 16d networks. The large-scale decline of 16d tenders is also contributing to the fall in 16d shipments. In the future, shipment growth momentum will mainly come from 16e products.”

Shipment growth momentum in the second quarter of 2009 is expected to increase, as WiMAX network deployment in regions around the world is becoming more comprehensive. Carriers such as UQ in Japan and Packet One in Malaysia have already entered wimax trial or commercial operation. Demand from WiMAX operators in emerging markets is also expected to stimulate WiMAX CPE growth.

According to MIC, WiMAX CPE orders to Taiwan makers from different regions started to increase in the second half of the first quarter. Originally, demand was unclear due to the economic downturn, and manufacturers had become more conservative in terms of material procurement. As material procurement was thus insufficient, new orders only made a small contribution to the shipments in the first quarter. Shipment of these orders was delayed to the second and third quarter. Meanwhile, in 2008 Taiwan-based equipment makers invested in making their products interoperable with major overseas vendors, and they also gained experience in 16e product and network terminal testing. These factors will help Taiwan’s equipment manufacturers obtain international WiMAX CPE orders, stimulating shipment growth in the second and third quarters.

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