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Overview of Airspan’s WIMAX products

Posted on 30 March 2009 by Quantum Wimax

Airspan is a worldwide leader in broadband wireless with over 400 customers in more than 100 countries. As a founding member of the WiMAX Forum™, Airspan has led the way in WiMAX, being among the first wave of companies to achieve certification for its base station and end user premises equipment. Airspan is also leading the race to Mobile WiMAX. Through a careful choice of advance technologies, the flagship base station HiperMAX is software upgradeable to Mobile WiMAX. The recently announced MacroMAXe and MicroMAXe products also use the same baseband technology first developed for HiperMAX. The IEEE 802.16e-2005 compliant, quad-band MiMAX USB device, announced in 2006, will be the first Wave2 compatible Mobile WiMAX device for laptops.


Airspan has always taken the lead to bring real-world solutions to WiMAX networks. Two examples of particular note are the seamless integration of WiMAX and Wi-Fi technologies and the introduction of VoiceMAX. Airspan’s Intel-based EasyST and ProST CPEs have versions with Wi-Fi Access Point functionality. This capability enables them to simultaneously offer both WiMAX and Wi-Fi, thus enabling the service provider to address a variety of markets including fixed, nomadic, portable and Mobile WiMAX together with any Wi-Fi enabled device. The challenges associated withdelivering time critical services such as voice and video over a shared medium such as wireless access are well known. Airspan’s VoiceMAX gives operators the ability to deliver carrier-grade VoIP through a software suite that provides admission control and manages network congestion to deliver the best user experience for VoIP calls across a HiperMAX network operating fixed, nomadic and mobile profiles simultaneously. We in Airspan believe that now is the right time to build your WiMAX networks. The advanced technologies we have embedded into our productsensure that whether you plan to start with Fixed WiMAX and migrate to Mobile WiMAX in the future or go for Mobile WiMAX from the outset, your investment is safe and your network is ready for tomorrow’s opportunities. Its industry leading technologies and solutions coupled with years of experience of building and supporting large BWA networks make Airspan the ideal partner for Mobile and Fixed WiMAX deployments.

The Ultimate WiMAX Product Family

  • Base Stations : HiperMAX, MacroMAXd, MacroMAXe, MicroMAXd, MicroMAXe
  • End User Devices : MiMAX USB, EasyST, EasyWiFi, EasyVoice, ProST, ProST-WiFi
  • Network Products : ControlMAX, VoiceMAX
  • Network Management : Netspan

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Company Profile : Airpsan

Posted on 30 March 2009 by Quantum Wimax

logo Airspan

Airspan Networks, Inc. provides broadband fixed wireless access equipment and other technologies that enable the delivery of data and voice services using radio frequencies. The company offers voice-over-Internet protocol network infrastructure equipment and solutions, such as soft switches and gateways; network management systems that perform configuration, alarm, test, and performance management activities;…

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