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Microsoft speaking about Proxim Wireless’s new ORiNOCO access points

Posted on 13 May 2009 by Quantum Wimax

Microsoft Convergence 2008 : An interview with John O’Gara of Microsoft speaking about Proxim Wireless’s new ORiNOCO 802.11n access points which where deployed throughout the Microsoft Convergence 2008 convention show in Bella Center Copenhagen, Denmark.

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The Orinoco Ap 8000 Ap 800 from Proxim’ Wireless

Posted on 06 April 2009 by Quantum Wimax


Proxim is First to Break the 300 Mbps Speed Barrier for 802.11n Solutions, Enabling WLAN Networks at Half the Cost.

With the introduction of its ORiNOCO 802.11n product line, Proxim Wireless is announcing the availability of the industry’s first 802.11n solution to achieve 320 Mbps of throughput with a dualradio solution. In addition, Proxim’s new 802.11n products have been designed to be customerfriendly and overcome the barriers of cost and complexity faced by competing products to deliver 802.11n networks at half the price of existing WLANs. With Proxim’s ORiNOCO® AP-8000 and AP- 800 802.11n access points, organizations of all sizes can achieve higher performance than their existing wired and wireless LANs while avoiding the costly controller upgrades, deployment challenges, and additional network planning that have deterred enterprises from upgrading to 802.11n. IEEE 802.11n is the next generation of the Wi-Fi standard. The primary advantages of 802.11n compliant products are significantly higher throughput and longer range. With the advent of 802.11n technology, the truly unwired enterprise is possible.

Here are the main applications of the Proxim Wireless ORiNOCO 802.11n product line :

  • Security and Surveillance : High definition IP-surveillance cameras for monitoring city streets, airports, bridges, seaports, transportation hubs, offices and warehouses
  • Enterprise : Enable office workers to be mobile while delivering greater throughput performance than at their desks
  • Healthcare : High resolution image files can be transferred with safety and higher speeds than wired networks
  • Hotspots : Video and high-speed broadband access solutions for municipalities, public access and local businesses


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Spotlight on the Tsunami MP.16 3500 from Proxim’ Wireless

Posted on 16 March 2009 by Quantum Wimax

Proxim Tsunami MP.16 3500Proxim introduces a family of WiMAX Forum Certified™, TDD products that deliver the highest performance, most affordable wireless solution in licensed 3.5 GHz bands.  Like all Proxim products, the Tsunami MP.16 3500 continues to offer a comprehensive feature set to future-proof wireless networks :
Frequency support for 3.5 GHz band, Advanced revenue-enhancing features are standard - including flexible bandwidth provisioning for DSL, T1 or Ethernet-like tiered services as well as NAT and DHCP for IP-based storage and e-mail hosting, Housed in a ruggedized enclosure, the 3500 from Proxim Wireless can be deployed in extreme weather conditions.

Drawing on Proxim’s leadership in the point-to-multipoint arena, the tsunami MP16 350o products have been developed as platforms to leverage these applications. By building off of an established Tsunami MP.11 product line, Proxim can evolve its expertise in serving the Service Provider markets with a product that is WiMAX compliant.

  • Leveraging existing software features, mechanical designs and customer channels poise Proxim Wireless to effectively address the WiMAX markets such as: cost-effective last mile access and security and surveillance in a very cost effective way
  • Investment protection through common concept of network design and software feature sets, which includes rich management capabilities, most advanced encryption with AES and authentication via RADIUS, antenna alignment utility, and revenue-enhancing services with bandwidth control, NAT/ DHCP
  • Ensures simple and easy installation
  • Only base station on the market based on wimax Intel chipset
  • End-to-end Intel based solution ensures maximum WiMAX compatibility
  • Provides consistent deployment & user experience similarto that of Tsunami MP.11 product via an easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Single UV-shielded CAT5 cable carries power and data
  • Easily interface to existing RADIUS systems for subscriber provisioning
  • Weatherized enclosure allows collocation on rooftops – limiting physical access
  • Advanced encryption protects over-the-air transmission
  • Password protection of all remote management methods
  • Decrease Subscriber Unit configuration time with integrated and vertical/ horizontal polarized antennas
  • Eliminate guess work in locating the remote antennas with audible tone and real-time signal strength measurements
  • Support for both local and remote management, removing the need for expensive on-site supports

wimax certification

Proxim Wireless Achieves WiMAX Forum Certification for Tsunami® MP.16 3500 Product in March 2006. The Tsunami MP.16 3500 Base Station Unit has received the WiMAX Forum Certified™ mark for IEEE 802.16d-2004 compliance by the WiMAX Forum™. WiMAX Forum Certified products are developed according to WiMAX Forum-defined certification profiles, based on the IEEE 802.16d-2004 and ETSI HIPERMAN standards. In order to attain the WiMAX Forum Certification seal, hardware systems are required to pass stringent and extensive test procedures consisting of protocol conformance, radio conformance, and interoperability testing.

In addition, All units of the Tsunami MP-16-3500 are qualified over temperature and are designed to meet rigid environmental requirements.

“We are proud to report that the Proxim Tsunami MP-16-3500 Base Station has been certified as inter-operable by the WiMAX Forum with products based on wimax chipsets from Intel, Sequans, and Wavesat, [...] We believe no other Wimax Base Station has demonstrated this breadth of interoperability. Since we believe that the majority of products in the marketplace are or will be based on one of these chipsets, Proxim Wireless customers are assured of the highest level of interoperability.” said Amit Malhotra, Vice President of Marketing at Proxim Wireless.”


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Focus on the Proxim’s Lynx GX Series

Posted on 11 March 2009 by Quantum Wimax

Proxim lynx GX SeriesProxim’s Lynx GX Series is a high-capacity, full-duplex point-to-point digital radio product line with a unique split-box design supporting T1/E1 capacity. This new generation of products, designed for maximum installation flexibility, provides unprecedented system gain and carrier-class operational features for cellular backhaul, enterprise voice applications and voice network redundancy.

  • Adapts to individual maintenance, system performance, and budget requirements to fit a variety of specific operator needs
  • Simplifies future upgrades by requiring only Indoor Unit (IDU) replacement as capacity requirements grow
  • Two-piece split-box assembly, consisting of an Indoor Unit (IDU) and an RF Unit, provides installation flexibility
  • Indoor-only installation facilitates quick maintenance and easier upgrades
  • Indoor/outdoor installation improves system gain, lowers tower leasing costs and reduces total cost of ownership

Proxim Lynx Gx Series - Product Brochure

Proxim’s Lynx GX radios offer sophisticated, preventative management tools to simplify network maintenance and eliminate downtime. Advanced diagnostic tools identify and isolate potential issues before they impact the network. Standards-based SNMP management and web-based GUI simplifies remote management and integrates easily into existing software platforms. Built-in spectrum analyzer and an alarm log facilitate RF planning and post-deployment tuning

The range of Lynx products products gives operators the choice of capacity they need, allowing them to grow to support higher-bandwidth cellular backhaul applications.

  • Range of choices for capacity and simple upgrade path
  • Extra capacity for bandwidth-intensive applications such as multimedia services, photo sharing, text messaging and handset Internet access
  • Superior system gain ensures consistent, carrier-class transmission of growing network traffic
  • No expensive recurring leased line costs
  • Wayside Ethernet Channel enables far-end management of both Proxim and Non-Proxim equipment


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Company Profile : Proxim’ Wireless

Posted on 09 March 2009 by Quantum Wimax

proxim logo

Proxim Corporation offers wireless equipment for Wi-Fi and broadband wireless networks worldwide. It provides wireless solutions for the mobile enterprise, security and surveillance, last mile access, voice and data backhaul, public hot spots, and metropolitan area networks.

Proxim was formerly known as Western Multiplex Corporation and changed its name to Proxim Corporation in 2002. In July 2008 Proxim Wireless moved its headquarters to Milpitas, California from San Jose…

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