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Spotlight on the Proxim Wireless MeshMax 5054

Posted on 08 April 2009 by Quantum Wimax


Proxim’s MeshMAX product line integrates three technologies, WiMAX, Wi-Fi Mesh and Wi-Fi, in one small unit. MeshMAX is a tri-radio, outdoor device offering Wi-Fi connectivity for access, Wi-Fi mesh gateway for network redundancy and a high capacity, carrier-class WiMAX link for backhaul. The convergence of these three technologies in one unit delivers end-to-end QoS for triple-play applications, a reduction in cost of ownership and investment in WiMAX!

As the market demand for city or campus wide mobile connectivity, security, and network scalability increases, there is an escalating need for carrier-grade wireless broadband solutions to provide best of breed in wireless distribution and access technologies. Proxim MeshMAX 5054 integrates three technologies in one unit! The new MeshMax 5054 product is a tri-radio outdoor device, offering Wi-Fi connectivity for access, Wi-Fi mesh gateway for network redundancy and a high capacity, carrier-class, WiMAX link in the unlicensed 5GHz frequencies for backhaul and high speed vehicular roaming. The convergence of these three technologies delivers end-to-end QoS for triple-play applications and reduction in total cost of ownership. The MeshMAx 5054 WM consists of one radio for Wimax backhaul in the unlicensed 5 GHz range, one radio for Wi-Fi Mesh and one radio for 802.11b/g Wi-Fi access. Expanding Wi-Fi coverage, the 5054W includes one radio for WiMAX backhaul and two radios for tri-mode Wi-Fi access, supporting 802.11a and 802.11 b/g clients. The MeshMAX 5054 provides an optimal solution which brings internet connectivity and applications to where the customers are and where they want to be.


The  Proxim Wireless MeshMax 5054 Enables WiMAX and Wi-Fi Applications with Mobile Roaming. Drawing on Proxim’s expertise in WiMAX and Wi-Fi Mesh Technologies, the MeshMAX product line encapsulates the best in class features of the award winning Tsunami point to point and ORiNOCO mesh product families. Proxim is uniquely positioned to offer this leading-edge product given our extensive, experience in delivering Wi-Fi and WiMAX solutions.

Applications for the Proxim Wireless MeshMax 5054

  • Security and Surveillance : Wireless solutions for bandwidth intensive and high definition IP-surveillance cameras located at important city and transportation infrastructure, such as airports, bridges and trains
  • Metropolitan Area Networks : Secure and reliable backhaul of Wi-Fi Mesh traffic
  • Enterprise : Lowers infrastructure costs by not requiring Ethernet cabling to each access point.
  • Mobile Hot Spot : On demand entertainment and broadband access solutions for public transportation and local businesses
  • Triple Play : Network operator can deliver bundle of IPTV, VoIP and Internet access to subscribers through broadband wireless connection


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Introducing the Alvarion BreezeMAX 3650

Posted on 03 March 2009 by Quantum Wimax

alvarion-breezeMAX-3650The Alvarion BreezeMAX 3650 is a complete 802.16e-based WiMAX solution, providing superior coverage and capacity with fewer cell sites. As a cost-efficient solution operating in the 3650 – 3700 MHz frequency range, BreezeMAX 3650 is an easily expandable “future-proof” wireless network solution that enables you to get the most return for your investment.

The modular macro or micro base station includes a network processor unit and modules for up to 6 hot-swappable access units, plus additional power modules, making it easy to expand or upgrade at a minimal cost. Compatible with future 802.16e equipment BreezeMAX 3650 offers next generation Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) and end-to-end QoS for high-bandwidth applications including VoIP, video and high-capacity data sharing services.

The Alvarion BreezeMAX 3650 self-install CPE features Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) technology for superior performance in obstructed or noisy environments. Six high-power antennas with Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Access (OFDMA) technology help provide the most stable indoor links for the highest subscriber satisfaction. Each indoor Access Unit supports up to four frequencies, offering link redundancy and reliability that is not available in other solutions. Four 3.5 or 5 MHz PHY channels provide RF 2nd order and 4th order diversity for enhanced performance.


Main Features for the Alvarion BreezeMAX 3650

  • Advanced antenna technology, including 2nd and 4th order diversity and MIMO for increased coverage and capacity
  • Range of BreezeMAX base station configurations
  • Variety of CPEs for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Self-install CPE with patent-pending technology for stable connections
  • Future accessibility of WiMAX 802.16e standard equipment
  • Fixed and portable services to residential and business users located in rural, suburban and urban areas
  • Cost-effective, next generation Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) for high-bandwidth data, VoIP and multimedia services

Components the Alvarion BreezeMAX 3650

  • Modular Macro or Micro Base Station
  • Network Processing Unit (NPU)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Access Unit
  • BreezeMAX Si (self-install unit)
  • BreezeMAX Voice Gateway
  • Networking Gateway


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